Car VS Bicycle. Why Bike?

Financial Benefits

A vehicle has many costs. Not only do you have to pay for the car itself, but licensing and upkeep can run in the thousands of dollars per year.

Oh, and gas. Cycling, while slower, is powered by a much more efficient engine.

You also don’t have the parking costs. Many of us pay to park at work or pay extra for garage parking. With a bicycle, you can carry it inside with you — saving hundreds of dollars a month in fees.

Boost Weight Loss And Fitness

We sit for 6-12 hours every single day. This sedentary lifestyle boosts our insulin resistance and causes us to gain weight (which further inflates our pre-diabetic symptoms.

Do this long enough, and you raise your risk of cancer

The healthcare risks and costs drive up your costs even further.

By commuting by bike, you can cut down on the time you need to spend in the gym while simultaneously improving your health. It is a win-win.

In this video, Don’t Feed The Animals explains 8 more benefits to riding your bike.

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