BikeTrains: The Cure To Rush Hour Congestion In LA?

Everyone in LA is in a rush. And that means drivers tend to prioritize their hurry and their speed over a cyclist’s well-being. So you have to be aware not only of the drivers around you but also have to be aware of the dangers that can pop up in the path.

One movement striving to change that is the Los Angeles Bike trains. They choose a route that helps to avoid the hardest intersections, taking cyclists on the safest route possible.

The goal is to provide safety for people who need to commute to work. Bike trains allow riders to join the safety of the train on their way to work and then peel off to their destinations.

There is safety in numbers, and a group of cyclists is harder to be ignored — even by the most absent-minded drivers. Riding in a group can provide the safety that many would-be commuters wish they could have and can inspire more people to ride by making it more “normal.”

Elevated, or separated bike lanes are the ideal option. But, until that happens, the bike train can help educate new cyclists on the nuances of commuting safely and provide a stopgap measure that encourages greater commuting.

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