Is It Safe To Bike In Los Angeles?

Forty-seven percent of all trips in Los Angeles are under 3 miles. This is an ideal distance for cycling.

California is one of the most bike-friendly countries in the United States. They have countless bike lanes and bike-friendly rules.

The hills are a huge challenge (no pun intended) for cyclists in Los Angeles. While it does take a little practice to get confident with the hills, most avid cyclists learn to navigate them with no issues.

The city is always installing new bike lanes, but it takes some skills to navigate them as they can disappear with a moment’s notice, throwing the cyclist into the midst of traffic.

When there is no bike lane, it is your right to take up the whole lane. However, it can annoy a lot of drivers and cause them to behave erratically around the cyclist. So most choose to drive near the side of the road, even if that puts the rider closer to car doors.

Sometimes the cyclist must revert to the sidewalks.

Commuting via bike has its challenges, but it is doable. Awareness is key.

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